49 Years Daily practice of ‘seeing’ with my eyes open.
30 Years Practicing altered states of consciousness.
25 years Practicing Reiki Master.
25 Years Studying and practicing Remote View.
14 Years Practicing Clinical Massage Therapist.
10 Years Studying Ascension to 5th Dimensionality.
05 Years Culminating everything into one directive, one understanding what my energy vessel can offer this existence and to humanity.

2024, Quantum Field Massage was born

Quantum Field Massage, is a culmination of combining controlled focused states of consciousness, Seeing and feeling a person’s quantum / auric field and then connecting into the ‘Universal Lifeforce’ to provide a treatment like no other.

After decades of self observation, studying, meditation and the constant reading of the vast numbers of scientific studies and more main stream consensus material relating to my industry one thing became apparent, we were, and have started to stop thinking linear and more multiverse. Through all of the above stated studies and with the addition of using meditation to explore altered states of consciousness many things began to appear differently. I saw things more clearly and most importantly felt people’s energy not like before. It was like I could sense or feel what they were going to say or say how they felt and I could see how that made their energy matrix respond. It was beyond intuitive. I often referred to this as ‘you may have a good poker face but your energy is telling me something completely different’, lol.

The guidance that was being offered had always been there dormant. I quote from a hero in my world Mr William L. Buhlman who wrote, “I have come to realise that the answers to the mysteries of our existence are not hidden, they are patiently waiting for us to extend our vision beyond the dense limits of matter”.

I started to understand that by ‘listening’ and ‘sensing’ for the guidance I was learning this new profound depth to my energy work. My perception of reality would never be the same and this was when it all clicked into place.

This was my the beginning of the next stage of development and what a hell of a journey it has been so far!

Put simply, I began to fully believe and see in Source!

How does it work?

The client lays down for the treatment clothed or partially unclothed. By using specific frequency geared music to assist the client to reach a heightened state of relaxation I am able to gently and slowly drop into the different layers of the client’s quantum / auric field. Using a similar style approach as one would when offering a reiki session.

Sessions can last up to 40 minutes allowing time for a share of information opportunity after the session (not compulsory).

The session is gentle, slow, some laying of hands, most energy work is done off the body.

Initial Session cost : £85 per session / further sessions : £70

This is nothing new don’t be deceived. If your reading this you’re already looking at yourself and asking yourself questions. You are one step further to your own enlightenment already and you may just start realising this now.

Through breakthroughs in science and technology we have evolved and hence, have started this new exploration into the possibility that we are nothing more than frequency and if we altered that frequency we would see something else and be somewhere else!

Our journey starts here together.