Equilibrium has a brand new crystal range to compliment its practice!

After practicing energy work for over 23 years and using crystals extensively over that time I felt that 2022 was the right time to introduce a range of crystals which were affordable and client specific.

Crystals and their metaphysical properties are largely an unknown topic which in this day and age I find most fascinating. Like meditation little has been solidly established.

What I do know first hand is the impact and effect crystals have had and continue to have on people.

With the stresses and strains over the last 3 years I have found more and more people are seeking alternative therapy solutions to help. Crystals have become more and more widely accepted, and I’m surprised at the number of clients that have been open to conversations about this topic.

This extension of my business is primarily to help find alternative solutions that massage or reiki may not be the most effective route for individuals to take for whatever the reasons. These links to me, to Equilibrium Massage Therapy and our facebook pages open up a platform for individuals to discuss openly but privately their health issues and concerns.

I hope that Equilibrium Massage Therapy - Crystals, provides you with comfort that there are alternative options out there and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

The quickest and most effective way to gain access to this is by either contacting me directly via email at [email protected] or by mobile on 07781 128835. By appointment, you can view and discuss the range privately.


Light & Hope