"I try and have a back massage at least once a month with my job i find my shoulders and neck easily tense and knot up. Previous massages have been usually painful around these areas, which i took as normal. I found paul’s massages very different to what i’d normally had, his massages are personally catered to my own needs and have never been painful. Every session is different and I have left feeling relaxed and at times energised. Paul talks through what would benefit me and hasn’t been wrong yet, which is why i return each time."
"I am ever so pleased I met Paul at a party earlier this year at a time when I had been suffering with a terribly bad back. I had been advised to get some regular back massage and I am now booked in for a regular fortnightly massage. My back is much, much better now but I am not stopping the massages. Whether I am tried, fatigued or hungover it’s a wonderful massage and well worth pampering myself."
"I've received massages from Paul over the last 12 months. Working with him over a period of time has enabled him to understand my body and deliver a tailored massage to address the troublesome areas of tension for me. Paul's professionalism and relaxed manner create the perfect atmosphere for chilling out. Mixing the physical massage with balancing aspect of Paul's Reiki skills means I leave feeling relaxed mentally as well as physically. When travel was an issue one evening, Paul was able to bring the massage to my home for added convenience. "
"Paul's strength is his ability to connect with people, and whilst Paul was committed to his career within the Finance Industry, this bold move to follow what he is truly passionate about, is testament to his strength of character, and his desire to want to help his people.  Paul is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his profession, which instantly makes you feel calm and relaxed."
"For many years I’d heard of the benefits of massage and after visiting several masseurs I was still sceptical of this claim and never returned to any. Having seen Paul in training and been impressed by his level of anatomical knowledge, I thought I would try again. I was so surprised by the immediate benefits, an improved energy level, clear mind and a feeling of positivity, that I now see Paul regularly. I am convinced that there is a long term benefit to his therapy. I also find that Paul can tailor the therapy to help my squash game by removing the tension in my legs therefore allowing me to play more often! The more I visit, the more Paul is able to learn and adapt to my needs; this means that the benefits increase with every visit. Paul’s professionalism and passion for his work make it very easy to trust him, which I find vital to realise the full benefit of therapy. I would not hesitate to recommend Equilibrium to anyone."
"I went to see Paul for a lower back issue which I have had for a number of years. After seeing Paul It took me 15 minutes to get home and I still had a bit of an ache but within half an hour it had gone completely. I was so surprised that one massage would fix what had been a long term back issue with long term pain. Previous massages hadn’t worked in the past and I have had some lovely massages, thank you Paul."
""I am more than happy to recommend Paul as I had a great first session with him. I have been experiencing tightness in my shoulders, neck and lower back for years due to a desk job and fitness training. I noticed a big difference already after the first appointment and I am confident that I can look forward to improvements after each session thanks to Paul’s knowledge and technique.""
"I've got to admit I was slightly aprehensive before hand as i've never ever had a massage or similar previously but am really pleased with how relaxed and refreshed I feel. I've got to say I slept like a log and am feeling pretty chilled out at work after my massage which is nice. As I said last night I feel lighter on my feet and the muscles seem to be staying warm (even now just sat down), it almost feels as though i've done a slight warm up prior to training/sport but haven't actually stretched as such. Am already looking forward to the next one!Cheers Tom"
"Friendly and relaxed environment, Paul went over and above what I expected. Highly recommended."
Lance C
"An experience every time, very helpful, knowledgeable, and has been nothing but help and support. I have been a regular client for over a year and could not be happier. Thank you Paul."
"After sustaining a broken ankle through a sporting activity in Spring 2011, Paul at Equilibrium has provided massage treatments that have benefited both the affected joint and muscles as well as the muscles that have been working extra hard to compensate for the injury. Following a series of appointments, I have felt a big improvement and have started to return back to sporting fitness. Paul's knowledge, understanding and treatments have been superb and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Equilibrium to family and friends."
Jenny W
"A very different type of massage to what you get from a beautician. Deeply relaxing and has sorted out a back problem that neither the physiotherapist nor chiropractor were able to sort out completely."
Jo S
"I have used various chiropractors, osteopaths and massage therapists in Guernsey in the last 18 months to try and alleviate back and shoulder problems. Without 'waxing lyrical' Paul from Equilibrium is "simply the best"."
Richard T
"I would highly recommend Paul of Equilibrium because, for the last 5 years or so, I have suffered from restrictive movement of my arm, causing difficulty with dressing and reaching top shelves at the supermarket and at home. At the age of 51, I felt that this was only going to get worse and believed I was heading for an operation which I was reluctant to do. I read an offer with Equilibrium through my work of having 4 treatments for the price of 3 and decided to treat myself to see if some improvement could be achieved. After 4 treatments I was amazed at the amount of movement I had so continued for further sessions. I am absolutely delighted as I now have full movement of my shoulder/arm and can now dress without any pain and reach the shelves I had trouble with and all thanks to Paul's work. I never had a massage before and would highly recommend it - an hour of bliss."
Sally R
"Paul was recommended to me by a friend as I have suffering with my back for a few months now. He really did wonders after just one session so I am going back to see him today!! Bring it on."
Ruth B
"I have always suffered with pain and tension in my upper back and shoulders, but after just one visit to Paul at Equilibrium I could already feel a difference. He tailors each session to your individual needs which not only helped with my back pain but left me feeling very relaxed. Highly recommended."
Katie R
"Paul has eased my neck pain and released the tension so I can now turn my head freely. No harsh massage, just gentle and relaxing. Recommend completely. Thanks Paul."
Sue G
"I would recommend Paul to everyone whatever their needs- specific or relaxation! My first massage was brilliant, Paul quickly put me at ease and tailored the appointment to my needs. I left feeling amazingly relaxed and have already made my next appointment. Thanks Paul."
Jess S
"I highly recommend Paul's services, he provides a personal and informed approach to the massage which is tailored to my individual needs, with the added luxuries of a heated bed and amazingly soft towels!"
Patricia W
"This was a truly relaxing massage. Paul managed to put me at ease, despite the fact that I was poorly. It was quite a different style of massage to that which I am used to, but it was refreshingly different. I would recommend this service, especially as he looked at my individual needs. Good job, well done!"
Chrissie F
"After years of being pushed and pulled, crunched and stretched, I have found that a relaxing massage from Paul has had far more effect than any other therapy. I feel relaxed, pain free, re-energised and far less stressed after about 45 minutes. Well worth the money and thank you Paul."
Sue G
"A relaxing and beneficial experience at the hands of a skilled professional in a peaceful environment."
Alison U
"Ali and I visited Paul at Equilibrium recently. I am a novice with regards to massage but have suffered with back issues for many years. I was not sure what to expect but was extremely impressed all round. Paul makes you feel very welcome and spends time understanding your needs. Not only was it most enjoyable but I have noticed and continue to notice material benefits. I am already booked in for my next session. It has worked for Ali and I. I would recommend you give Paul a try."
Mark F
"Paul has definitely found his vocation in massage. He really takes care to deliver a truly bespoke service, whether for specific physical ailments or deeper underlying causes. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone looking for high quality and reasonably priced massage services. Well done Paul."
Michelle J
"Paul is professional and knowledgeable. His treatment has improved my flexibility and chronic lower back problems tremendously. I can highly recommend him."
Charlotte G
"I heard Equilibrium was doing a special offer, so I booked an appointment. It just so happened that I put my back out shortly after booking the appointment. Paul was very welcoming when I first met him and I felt totally at ease. He is very professional and knowledgeable at what he does. As I had a bad back and was in a lot of pain he tailored the massage to suit me. It was very different to other massages I have had, but I felt totally relaxed and left feeling like I was on cloud nine. I went back several times with the same back problem, and found my back to ease off. Paul was also able to tell me what the problem was with my back, more so that the doctors. Paul has used different techniques for each appointment, working on the areas that need the most relieve! I now make regular appointments to see Paul as I know I'll leave feeling ten times better."
Lianne F
"I had heard of Equilibrium though the grapevine recently and wanted to try it out. My back, shoulders and neck have been bothering me for quite a while now and I wanted to treat myself to a massage for relaxation as well as a massage method which would assist in reducing my back pains. Paul's Equilibrium seemed to tick all the boxes. I was a bit anxious not knowing what to expect but Paul is very welcoming and laid back throughout the whole session. I felt that the initial consultation opened up a greater understanding of my back and problems for Paul, giving him the opportunity to tailor the massage to suit me. I have never received an initial run through of what to expect from the massage, you normally just jump straight onto the bed and receive a standard massage. Yes they are nice from time to time, but I walked away feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. I enjoyed it so much that I have booked another session with Paul!"
Christelle T
"I wanted to try out this therapist and was very pleased. Parking was easy, the treatment room is welcoming and spotless. Paul explains how he wants to structure your treatment so there are no surprises, makes an assessment of your situation after some questions and then proposes a treatment, walking you through the process. The results and very relaxing and calming. Highly recommended."
Karen K
"I can highly recommend Paul. I have had lots of massages before but his massage is by far the best I've had. I felt so relaxed for days! I can't wait for my next appointment."
Amanda B
"I had heard stories of massages hurting so was not sure what to expect from my first ever massage with Equilibrium - however I felt no pain whatsoever. Paul put me at ease straight away and by the end of the session I was completely relaxed. I have booked in for more and would highly recommend him to friends and family."
Sarah H
"I have been suffering with lower back, neck and shoulder problems for longer than I care to remember. I have had local Osteopaths, Chiropractors and deep tissue masseurs work on me which only provided temporary relief. I was referred to Paul by my brother-in-law. Paul is the only professional that I have seen that has provided instant and continued relief. I now have more movement in my back and shoulders than for a long time. At the start of the year it was a struggle to get my shirt and coat on; now I don't think about it. Paul instantly puts you at ease and the best thing is that his treatment isn't invasive and doesn't hurt!"
Richard T
"Paul is a great therapist. He spoke with me before the treatment to discuss any areas of tension that needed addressing. His treatment room is lovely and warm and the heated table cover is an added luxury. The massage itself was relaxing and relieved the tension in my shoulders. Great treatment."
Grace T
"I visited Paul for the first time a few days ago. My initial apprehension soon disappeared as did the stress I have long experienced in my neck and shoulders once the treatment commenced. Paul has a way of making his clients feel very relaxed. I have enjoyed a full nights sleep for the first time in ages. Will definitely be back and have no hesitation in recommending Equilibrium to family and colleagues."
Stephen F
"After having been for a few massages at other places, I was a little apprehensive as I sometimes find the masseuse can be too hard. I shouldn't have worried at all and as Paul explained, they shouldn't be like that. I liked the fact he took time to talk to me at the beginning to find out exactly what kind of massage I needed. I've had a shoulder injury for a while and this has resulted in stiffness, Paul worked a lot on this and I have to say that it felt easier almost straight after the massage and the next day, felt the best it's been for a while. I will definitely book again in the near future and I highly recommend him."
Karen J
"I have not been given any solution for my injury from my doctor or physiotherapist over the past 6 weeks. My injury stopped me from exercising and I suffered from sciatica, numbness of the foot and general pain in the whole of my right leg. I have been to see Paul for one back massage, even though the pain was in my Gluteus minimus and day 2 after the massage I had full movement back in my leg and no pain. Paul seems to know where to start which may not be where the actual pain and trigger points are, and for this I would recommend anyone who is sat at home frustrated and in pain to go and have a session. I now look forward to my next few sessions. What a breath of fresh air Paul, you gave me hope and already I have felt immediate relief!"
"I thoroughly enjoyed the short massage with Paul - a great surprise to win a little session at The Best of Guernsey networking event! In fact I liked it so much I am organising some sessions for my colleagues!"
Chris B
"The experience of walking in with pain and discomfort and the enjoyment of leaving with complete satisfaction is wonderful. I would highly recommend Equilibrium."
Trevor P
"I have been visiting Paul for several months now and he also comes into my work for seated sessions in the lunch hour. I suffer from some lower back pain and almost always have tight shoulder and upper back. Paul has helped immensely and although he seems to find the right spot, there is no pain which I had always thought was necessary for a massage to be effective. I always feel very relaxed after the treatment and am impressed by Paul's knowledge and enthusiasm for his subject, and the care he takes to tailor the treatment to your specific requirements. I would be happy to recommend Paul to anyone - even those who are a bit apprehensive of having a massage."
Sue N
"I first saw Paul in January 2011 when I was stressed out due to a hectic personal and professional life. He is a lovely, professional guy who is passionate and knowledgeable about his work and wants to help people. He works in a pleasant, cosy room in his home with a calming atmosphere. My first session started with a thorough consultation to identify my requirements and any problem areas, explain what to expect and answer any questions. The massage itself was glorious and the treatment, scent of lavender oil, relaxing music and warmth of the room left me so utterly, blissfully chilled out that I nearly fell asleep! Afterwards, Paul left the room and gave me as much time as I needed to collect myself, then returned with a glass of water to explain any issues he had identified and treated. I went home on a cloud and slept really well, and he texted to check up on me the next morning. I used a gift voucher for my first session - I have already been back once and can't wait for the next time."
Charlotte N
"I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. After only a couple of visits he has made a huge improvement to my long term back pain and have been sleeping through the night for the first time in years. He is very professional and caring and talks you through his treatment as he treats you. I'm looking forward to my next appointment!"
Jayne O
"I teach a lot of exercise classes and my back can often feel overworked. I can honestly say my massage with Paul was the best I have ever had. I didn't realise just how tight my back has been until he had released all the knots. It felt fantastic! I particularly liked the feedback he gave me afterwards and the way he contacted me the next day to see how I was. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone."
Steph C
"An excellent practitioner - Paul knows his stuff, he is passionate about massage and its benefits and truly strives to make you feel better. I would highly recommend a visit (in fact I have recommended him to quite a few friends) to experience first hand his skill."
Becky L
"Paul is very approachable and makes you feel at ease quickly. The room he performs his magic in is always warm and I find myself instantly relaxed. He knows his stuff and is always professional but friendly at the same time. I am very glad that Paul was recommended to me, he makes huge improvements to both my mental and physical state, which after just an hour a month is quite impressive. I always feel great after my appointments and look forward to the next. Paul keeps in touch between sessions to check how I am feeling. All round the best in his field and I would and do recommend him to anyone in need."
Katie A
"I have been visiting Paul for a couple of months now in connection with various back issues. Paul has been amazing! He has been very supportive and is fantastic at what he does, what more could you ask for!!! I would recommend Paul to any and everybody for first class massage and he assists with any injuries that you may have!"
Jodi W
"I have suffered from chronic back, hip and neck problems as a result of years of sports abuse. Since I have been seeing Paul, significant progress has been made in alleviating these problem areas."
Philip R
"Paul at Equilibrium takes the time to understand every client's unique requirements and tailors each treatment to target those needs perfectly. Highly recommended!"
Roger P
"Having a desk job and being a keen sportsman results in my back/shoulders needing regular attention. Paul is highly professional, talking you through every part of his therapy and is able to pinpoint problem areas with apparent ease. Just one or two sessions is often enough for full recovery. Highly recommended."
Javan I
"As a fellow massage therapist, I understand the importance of regular massage so that I am able to continue massaging my clients. Paul offers a wonderful remedial massage that loosens my shoulders greatly. He has a genuine passion for his work and this comes through in his treatments. Wishing you all the best Paul."
Sarah M
"I have a significant number of injuries through sports over the years and Paul's approach of not only targeting and relieving pain, but identifying the root cause has resulted in a dramatic increase in my strength, flexibility and general well-being. Class leading in Guernsey by a very long way."
Simon B
"I have been having both massage treatments and reiki sessions with Paul for the past 6 months and I can't recommend him highly enough. All very professional and relaxing."
Elke S
"I have been regularly visiting Paul twice a month since August 2010. Having never pampered myself before, I was a little nervous until his very professional and thorough pre-massage consultation put me totally at ease before starting the massage. Each visit is well planned and tailored to treat various specific parts of the body, or aimed at muscle relaxation by treating areas with different techniques if the muscles have not responded to the original method of treatment. Having built up 25 years of stress I have gradually felt my neck and back muscles relax more each month as the treatment progresses. I would highly recommend Paul to anybody considering having a massage and who is nervous at the thought of the experience or in any doubt whether to proceed, because of his professional and friendly massage side manner."
Bob V
"I am a keen sports person and have been coming to Equilibrium since its formation. I have had massages before but a massage at Equilibrium gives complete relaxation for weary muscles. Paul qualified in trigger point therapy some months back and after a hard training session, the pleasure pain factor is totally worth it! Paul is enthusiastic, professional and knowledgeable and I have highly recommended Equilibrium to many friends."
Rachel G
"After a stressful day, a massage from Paul at Equilibrium is the perfect tonic, highly recommended!"
Alison P
"Paul has been helping my body survive marathon training. Each and every massage is different and tailored to the problems that I have been experiencing as a result of my training in that particular week and also as a result of sitting at my desk all day, once spending an entire blissful hour working one huge knot out of my shoulder. He is passionate about his work and very knowledgeable - I always come out of his massage room having learnt something new about anatomy! Even after the marathon I will continue to have regular massages with Equilibrium as I emerge relaxed, stretched and feeling fantastic and always have the most amazing nights sleep afterwards! Can't wait for my next massage!"
Emma M
"Very professional and knowledgeable. I was made to feel at ease and like new after the treatment. I would recommend Equilibrium to anyone."
Lyndon De C
"Equilibrium Massage Therapy is the only therapy worth having."
Steve M
"I had a fantastic experience at Equilibrium Massage Therapy - complete relaxation."
Lisa N
"Paul is extremely knowledgeable, committed and personable which makes you feel instantly relaxed. It you are going for a relaxed massage or to focus on a more pressing issue, be it stress or sports related, Paul will be able to help. I would (and have) highly recommended Paul to anyone."
Stuart D
"Paul at Equilibrium really is the BUSINESS! I'm in no doubt about his skill and expertise but what really impresses me is his energy and passion for what he does. I'd always been a sceptic about the wider benefits of massage but after visiting Paul, I was so surprised by the immediate benefits, an improved energy level, clear mind and a feeling of positivity, that I now see him regularly. As well as helping me relax and remove some of the stresses from day to day work I also find his sessions really help my recovery from sport, particularly squash and its high impact on the body. Paul really makes sure he understands his clients, enabling him to deliver a truly bespoke service."
Paul S
"Having suffered lower back / shoulder pain for many years and seen numerous osteopaths / physiotherapists, I was unsure that massage therapy would help - how wrong I was. Paul is professional and caring in his approach and I would recommend him unreservedly."
Jackie S
"I see Paul once a month for treatment on my neck and shoulders. For years I have suffered with a "tight" next and painful shoulders, however since having therapeutic and deep tissue massages from Paul, this has greatly improved. Paul takes time to find out exactly what the problem is and then discusses which treatment will suit best. The treatment is not intrusive at all and I always feel completely relaxed afterwards and most important of all have a decent nights sleep. Definitely recommended."
Jan G
"I have been going to see Paul on a regular basis for back, neck and shoulder massages. Due to accident damage and general wear and tear. He is very professional and caring and talks you through his treatment as he treats you. And what a difference it has made."
Dave G
"As a keen sportsman and through good feedback I'd received, I decided to have a consultation with Paul at Equilibrium Massage and discuss the benefits that massage could have on my ever-active lifestyle. Paul was open to all initial reservations that I had and put my mind at rest! After my first consultation, I knew it would not be my last."
Tom S
"Paul at Equilibrium is a master with trigger points - pleasure - pain factor - bring it on!"
Gillian T
"I can highly recommend Paul. Service, after care and end up feeling like you are walking on air. 10/10"
Fiona W
"Paul made me feel comfortable straight away. His massage technique was different to the dig deep and pressure massages I've had in the past, I wasn't fully convinced until later that evening and days later. He released so much tension and had my back feeling amazing! I try to have a massage every month. I felt so relaxed during a massage that I almost fell asleep! I highly recommend Paul, he is very personable and tailors to your needs."
Dani S
"Having visited Equilibrium now on several occasions I can honestly say that I am totally converted. Paul is extremely professional, knowledgeable and has the wonderful ability to listen. Whether my visits have been purely for relaxation or for more specific problems I have always felt the need to re-book my next appointment for fear of not getting a space."
Michelle G
"I am pleased to say I have been going on a very regular basis for a massage with Paul, actually since he started. He is striving to gain more experience all the time through various courses on the mainland so I would recommend everyone should book themselves in for a massage or give a gift voucher to a loved one?"
Nick M
"I first tried Paul's massage at Equilibrium Massage Therapy as a free gift from his Facebook page promotion, and I don't think I would survive without my massages now. He's excellent at what he does, the environment is very relaxing and the service very professional. I would never give it up now!"
Vee N
"Paul has worked as part of the Guernsey Muratti 2012 support team recently, and quite honestly has worked wonders. The squad had a big game for GFC less than 72 hours before the Muratti final in Jersey, which went to extra time and meant that we had a lot of very tired legs and fatigued bodies on our hands with only a couple of days to prepare for Jersey. Paul worked incredibly hard over the course of the critical 48 hour period leading up to the Muratti, providing intensive massage therapy for 10 of the players. His professionalism ensured I could focus on the football side of the preparation, safe in the knowledge that Paul, working with the team's Head Physiotherapist, Mike Thomas, was providing the very best therapy to the players to ensure they were prepared for the biggest game in the Channel Islands' football calendar. Our boys turned in a fantastic performance to beat Jersey 2-0 in the big game - due in no small part to their recovery from Friday's game. Thanks Paul Kevin R Graham, Manager of the Guernsey's Muratti Team"
Kevin R Graham - Manager of the Guernsey Muratti Team
"Paul has recently become a valued member of the Guernsey Football Club backroom staff. His pre/post game massages are extremely helpful in getting us as players ready for the strains of competition, especially as we near the end of a long and hard fought campaign. I see Paul on a weekly basis away from GFC and can now appreciate how important it is as a sportsman to get regular massage therapy to help prepare, relax and recover the muscles. Paul offers a friendly and comfortable service that I'm sure I would use even if I wasn't playing sport."
Ross Allen - Forward, Guernsey Football Club
"Having suffered from severe cervicogenic headaches for many years, I thought I had exhausted all avenues of treatment, from migraine tablets, physiotherapy, chiropractors, frequent trips to spas, and Botox injections. Whilst these all worked to some degree, inevitably the pain and the headaches would always return. I then discovered Equilibrium. Paul listened in detail to my problem and devised a treatment plan which I am delighted to say has proved extremely successful, and I have not suffered with one bad headache since being treated by him. Paul works in a unique way, and tailors his treatment to your individual needs. I am so happy that my headaches have gone, and would highly recommend Paul to anyone."
Aimee C