No two massages are ever the same because each individual’s skeletal structure, muscle mass, diet and emotional state are never the same. These are only a few of the issues I, as a therapist, have to understand. The body is a remarkable mechanism and therefore needs to be respected. So each massage is bespoke to the individual. I have evolved and adapted the techniques which I have learnt and subsequently developed my own very unique style to meet the demands, stresses and strains of the world which we live in today.

I always start by asking some questions so that I can build a picture of your desired outcome and address any issues which may be of concern, i.e. any medical conditions which are still prevalent generally will present some form of restriction for receiving a massage.

When the bodywork begins it is important for you to remember this is your time, your massage, so if you are uncomfortable and need to readjust then do so. Music is always an option and promotes deep relaxation during your massage.

I will adapt the massage to meet your required outcome by listening to and observing the subtle body language that takes place during the massage. I will pay particular attention to clearing energy meridians and repairing any disharmony between the physical and etheric so that equilibrium can be restored.

Deeper work can be requested and my general rule in applying this is through a layering technique warming everything thoroughly before the deeper work begins. I believe there is far too much emphasis within the human consciousness that deep tissue work always comes with pain. I believe if approached correctly discomfort can be greatly reduced.

Should you wish to ask questions or simply drift into a slumber that choice is yours to make but I am always happy to provide answers, offer guidance or listen as you drift off enjoying some quiet time. Feedback is a great way to maximise the massage session but is not a condition of the treatment.

The Benefits

  • Relaxation which in turn promotes enhanced circulation and removal of toxins
  • Clears meridians around the body
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Relieves muscular aches and pains

The Appointment

  • Appointments begin and end promptly
  • The only thing you need to bring is yourself in comfortable clothes
  • As mentioned before we will have a short consultation to determine goals and any potential medical conditions
  • I will then leave the room to allow you to remove the required clothing and jewellery

During the Massage

  • Just prior to starting the massage I will cover you in a warm Egyptian cotton sheet. This will promote relaxation and will only be moved in order to expose the area which is to be worked on. This also assists in retaining your modesty and keeps you warm
  • I will stretch and warm the muscles thoroughly and then the real relaxation begins
  • If you are happy to have music being played I will generally select one of my varied pieces which promote rest and deep relaxation during your massage

Coming to the end of your experience

  • The end of the session will be marked by being fully covered again by the sheet and I will apply some gentle stretching
  • I will leave the room giving you plenty of time to integrate back into the surroundings and get dressed
  • I will re-enter to provide water and discuss aftercare and contra actions which may be experienced after the massage
  • Payment is due at the end of each session

Contra actions

  • A massage increases circulation thereby flushing fresh nutrients back through your system and carrying lymph (toxins) away. It is one big detox. The best way to assist this process is drinking lots of water for the next 24 hours, staying away from alcohol and perhaps getting in that early night you have been promising yourself
  • You may feel tired or a little sore and maybe even slightly emotional. This is all part of the detoxing process and will pass
  • Of course you may just feel great, energised and centred

How often should you get a massage?

  • It depends entirely on you. For general wellbeing once or twice a month is the ideal, however for specific issues more than one visit will be required.